Welcome to June on the Farm

The cattle this morning hunkered down in their shed avoiding an already steamy sunshine. Their water tanks, down only a little due to refilling them yesterday, now sported algae and water plants from the water we pumped from the creek. The three 100+ gallon tanks will have to be scoured in the next day or two and are not sufficient to the numbers in the growing herd.

We looked at tanks only yesterday, although I was searching for a 40 gallon stock tank to hold stinky Eddie for his much-needed bath. Since he was a ‘pound puppy’, I was not quite sure how he would handle being bathed. I surmised that a large enough tank outside the house, where two adults could participate in the bathing, might be better than the bathtub inside. The problem is, the large tanks also have tall sides. What if he dog decided not to get in? I did not look forward to getting 80 lbs of wiggling dog into the tank and keeping him there long enough to wet, shampoo, and rinse him. Maybe there was another option….


As we drove by Wally World, there, almost hidden in the recesses of the building’s exterior I spotted the perfect solution– only ten dollars versus the almost seventy dollars for the new water tank– a child’s swimming pool. I didn’t know they made them anymore! In the past have used them for everything from children wading, to filling them with ice to hold picnic items (in children’s sand buckets, of course) to a make-shift deck garden. My son even used one to build a set fountain (I believe) for a local theatrical production. It was perfect! I paid for it, put it in the truck, weighted it down and off we went with my prize!

With temperatures in the low 90s, it took only a second to convince Fritz and Eddie to climb into the pool. Fritz almost immediately lost interest and sought shade under the pickup truck. Eddie, however, made himself at home and soon discovered some wild cherry leaves from the trees overhead floating on the surface and a new game. He is such a goofy dog. Time and again he tried to catch the leaves in the water, biting at them only to have them float away, lapping at them and spitting them back out, and snout-diving to catch them on the bottom. You could almost see  a doggy-imagined Olympic championship leaf diver triumphantly emerging from the water each time his head plunged beneath the self-created waves!

Eddie lying down in “his” pool and snout diving for falling leaves

As we grilled our chicken dinner last evening, Eddie returned again and again to “his” pool and tried repeatedly to get Fritz to follow. Fritz is wise, though. I think he remembers Eddie’s big paw nearly drowning him in the creek. He stayed under the truck where Eddie can never reach him.

I don’t think bath time will be a problem for Eddie today. Keeping him dry is a different story. Now I wonder how much he would like a blow drier.

My only disappointment in the pool is that I had thought the water tank could be reused for the cattle and clearly the pool could not.  We’ll just keep Eddie’s pool for him. I will be going back for another one, though. I’m thinking about having a burgoo cook-off and barbecue this summer and using the new pool to hold bowls of cole slaw, potato salad and so forth. But I hear the 40 gallon water tanks I passed by in favor of the pool will hold eight cases of beer and enough ice to keep them cold. I think that’s a dual purpose item Mike and his friends can better appreciate!(For those that don’t know what Burgoo is, well you just “ain’t from around here.” I’ll post a recipe later.)PS If you’ve clicked on the tab to access this page. Check out recent posts to the right!

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