Caddyshack is here!

Power take off

Image by the Hindrew via Flickr

Boy, does Mike need this visit from Caddyshack! Yesterday, was not a good day for equipment. It seemed everything he tried to do resulted in something breaking. After the third breakdown and the death of a pump on pull-behind water tank, he was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday evening. The potential for Caddyshack exploits has him feeling good again.

I spent yesterday evening trying to order an overnight shipment of the pump he needs. Most places we found, it ran over a thousand dollars plus shipping and it was so much fun to order it, since I did not have a clue what I was talking about.

“Does it connect to the PTO?”

“Yes,” I answer while wonder what the heck a PTO is. Mike explained a PTO is Power Take Off and that it does not connect directly to the PTO. The man did not ask if it connected directly. Now I’m wondering if “yes” was an appropriate response, and what the heck a Power Take Off is!

I asked Mike this morning.

“What is a Power Take Off?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what IS a Power Take Off? What does it mean?”

Rolling his eyes, “It’s a way to get power from the tractor to the equipment.”

No-duh! “How? Is that the spinning thing on the back that turns the shaft?”


“Okay, so now I get it. It’s like a spinning light socket on the back of the tractor! Why didn’t they say so?!”

Mike rolled his eyes again, kind of sneared in a “Gosh, you are so stupid” sort of way and took a sip of coffee.

Hey, at least I remembered it was a ‘shaft’!

Last night, as he was showing me what broke, I was asking questions like:

“So what does that doomihickey do?”

“Is there a way to work around that thingamabob?”

Yeah, so ordering a Hypro 9000 series pump is a bit more involved than calling and asking for one of those water-pump thingamabobs that does not have to be chained to the whatchamacallit, but mounts on the big doohickie. You know, the blue cast iron one?!

Don’t even get me started on the whole gear driven vs. centrifugal part of those pumps! In any case, I ordered it at a bargain price and the company is shipping it overnight. Thank the Good Lord for part numbers! I think they were invented by a non-mechanically minded person like me.

So Mike is off to feed the calves this morning and I suppose Caddyshack and his son will meet up with him there. I am wondering if I should go along to explain what broke to Caddyshack. I have the impression he would understand my ‘doohickey’ language better than Mike. Afterall, he calls ground hog holes ‘gopher holes’ and still has not outsmarted the little critters.

About cattlebaroness

I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BA in History, nearing completion of a Master of Arts in American history. Born and raised first on military bases around the world, then in Orange County, CA, I moved to Kentucky when my children were small. I now live on a small family farm and am learning about farm life, planting and our newest addition to the landscape--cattle. Until a month or two ago, all I knew about 'cows' were that they came in brown, black and white and that some are raised for milk and others for meat. I am a quick study out of necessity.
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