It’s Sunday and Fathers Day

Photo courtesy: Kentucky Department of Agriculture

I’m taking a day off from the blog today, but posting the Kentucky Ag Dept.’s site forKentucky Proud products. Kentucky has much more to offer in terms of off the farm products than produce, beef, and bourbon. Hope you enjoy the site. Perhaps some Kentucky-made products might be on your gift list this year.


About cattlebaroness

I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BA in History, nearing completion of a Master of Arts in American history. Born and raised first on military bases around the world, then in Orange County, CA, I moved to Kentucky when my children were small. I now live on a small family farm and am learning about farm life, planting and our newest addition to the landscape--cattle. Until a month or two ago, all I knew about 'cows' were that they came in brown, black and white and that some are raised for milk and others for meat. I am a quick study out of necessity.
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2 Responses to It’s Sunday and Fathers Day

  1. Jim Trammel says:

    So nice to read a blog written from the heart, as you share while you learn and grow. And it is a lifelong process, isn’t it.

    Thanks for linking to Kentucky Proud — we at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture smile whenever we see someone out there spreading the good local word.

    Best wishes to your son and the rest of your family, and thanks for taking the time to write! — Jim T. at KDA

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