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Happiness at the Waters Edge

We took the dogs to check on the calves yesterday, since Mike finished the field prep early. He saved a lot of time with Earl helping. I was amazed, seeing them in the field, how big they are getting. Even … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Heat

It is the humidity! After rain and temps in the low 60s, the temps soared into the 90s here and it is taking a toll on me. Without time to acclimate to the new temps, yesterday proved problematic for this … Continue reading

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Basic Quiche

Since summer seems to be officially here, we tend to grill a lot for dinner. Increasingly, however, quiche has become a fall-back recipe. It’s quick, easy, whips up in a flash and since it bakes for an hour, frees up time … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

Mike got about 50 acres done yesterday and still has more to go in preparing to plant the soybeans. It will take him another three days or so of sitting on the tractor at least eight hours/day. He told me … Continue reading

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Just a quick note to show you what Mike and Caddy Shack found among the float trays (a neighbor’s loose cow stomped on) while cleaning out the shed to make room for the new calves. I suppose I should give credit … Continue reading

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Oysters in a Punching Bag

Went down to the green house with Mike and some new friends yesterday and was amazed at how many plants still need to be planted, if the weather ever clears. There are petunias and straw flowers, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus….you name … Continue reading

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Mother Nature, Mushroom Sponges, and Mike

We’re beginning to feel like Noah’s neighbors here. Seems like we’ve had nearly forty days and nights (mostly nights) of rain and gloom. After six months of dreary winter skies, the occasional peek-a-boo played by the sun is welcome– even … Continue reading

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